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Personnel Records

Overview: Butterfield Technologies’s “ Personnel Records” is a relational, multi-user capable, cross-platform, networkable database package developed using FileMaker Pro 16.0 by FileMaker, Inc. It provides the means to record staff and faculty biographical, pay and/or salary, and attendance data. It also includes budget data by account number, and provides the ability to record assignments, certifications, schedules, graduate education and professional development credits earned. “Personnel Records” includes 60+ databases, 800+ layouts, 3000+ scripts and 2300+ fields. Password protection is pre-defined, but may be changed by the System Administrator.

Biographical: Hundreds of data elements include, among others:

  1. Biographical Data                • Emergency Data               • Certification Code                        • Social Security Number          • Degree[s]

  2. College/University               • School                               • Certificate Number                      • Service Breaks                        • eMail Address

  3. Assignment History             • Certification Type             • Criminal Record Check               • Insurance                                • Department & Unit                       

Attendance: “Personnel Records” keeps cumulative attendance data using:

  1. increments from .01 to 1.00 with totals for fifteen categories of your choosing.

  2. running totals for year to date and month to date by category and by day of week for district or school.

  3. individual records which display date[s] absent with day of week absent, reason absent, school of assignment [for date of absence], substitute [if any], and notes [as desired].

  4. substitute records show detail of dates and locations worked, cost per day and total cost.

Budget: Includes capability to develop entire district budget without manual data transfer among systems.

  1. current year and future year budget data including pay, longevity, stipends, holiday & vacation pay.

  2. separates and sub-totals/totals budget data by categories such as Region/Town or Grant/City.

  3. salaries and stipends are distributed to as many separate budget accounts as required.

  4. budget development is facilitated by the ability to increment salary data by percentages to create various budget scenarios.

  5. non salary items can be entered by department or school by account number to complete the budget.

  6. add-ons available to provide three or five year projections.

In-Service: Provides ability to track recertification credits/professional development points.

• Complete In-Service record keeping by course section.
• Personnel record shows all courses taken.
• Separate databases for in-district and out-of-district personnel facilitates record keeping/reporting.

Reports: Include many prepared by simply clicking a button, while still allowing user defined reports.

  1. all script driven reports provide user preview before printing.

  2. include: “Personnel Directory”, “Personnel List”, “Daily Attendance”, “Individual Attendance Summary”, “Attendance Year to Date/ Month to Date”, “Budget”, “Seniority List by Age”, “Seniority List by Service”, “Graduate Education”, “In Service Education” and many, many others.

  3. also Mailing Labels, Health, Dental, and Life Insurance Reports, and Certification Information.

Price: Includes multi-site/unlimited user system, two days on-site set up/training, and one year of toll free telephonic support. Customization and/or add-ons available at additional cost.

“Personnel Records” is a copyrighted product of Butterfield Technologies, LLC

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